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All Law Enforcement / Prosecutors and other external agencies, if you are having trouble viewing / printing any orders in eTRO or DVCR and have recently upgraded your computers your IT has to allow Judiciary URLS through your Proxy. Please contact your IT first and try different browsers like Edge, IE or Chrome before calling Judiciary Help Desk.
The New Jersey Judiciary is implementing a multi-phase operational effort to enable more secure user access to Judiciary web-based applications. The first phase, effective August 13, 2018, requires all registered users to reset their passwords every 90 days. Users will need to update their password and answer three security questions using our system called "P-Synch." Anyone accessing CAMS, CLE, CCATS, CLERKSHIP, JACS, FMFA, eCDR, FMCIC, FMFA, EDATA, PROBWEB, GMS, COUNTYWELFARE, DVCR, ECOURTS, EDVROMS, EVNF, JOC, OAE, EMD, LWC, or PG (MACS) will be affected. Answering the three security questions will assist in recovering forgotten passwords without the need to call the Judiciary's Call Center.

When you use P-Synch for the first time, you will be required to: (1) select and answer three new security questions and (2) select a new password. Please make sure that you complete both steps.

The Judiciary is incrementally implementing this policy by expiring groups of users' passwords, any user whose password has expired must update their password through P-Synch before they can access the Judiciary's applications.

If you would like to reset your password now to avoid problems with accessing our systems,Click here for P-Synch.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Superior Court Clerk's Office at 609-421-6100.

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If you are receiving �Authentication Failed� error message after logging in, please perform the following steps in order to reset your password:
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